History Of America - Thanksgiving Day

17 Sep 2019 13:32

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Most Americans know the pilgrimage thanks to 1621, but few know that it was not the first festival in North America. Thanksgiving Images Long before any European entered the United States, indigenous people tried to take a good harvest from thanksgiving dances and rituals.


History states that the first known thanksgiving service to Europeans in North America took place on 27 May 1578 in Newfoundland. The pilgrims were religiously dissatisfied to avoid the persecution of England. The residents of Jamestown thanked him for his safe arrival, and another service took place in 1610, when the ship sailed after a harsh winter. In 1621, pilgrims at Plymouth Plantation Massachusetts thanked God for saving them from the brutal winter. The festival lasted for three days and provided enough food for 53 pilgrims and 90 Native Americans.

In 1623, pilgrims held a second Thanksgiving Day at Plymouth Plantation. When the drought destroyed their crops, the people prayed and fasted for relief and it rained a few days later. After some time, Captain Miles arrived with standish staple food and was greeted with the news that a Dutch supply ship was leaving. Thanksgiving Wishes Due to all this fate, the settlers organized a Thanksgiving and Prayer Day on 30 June. This 1623 festival was the origin of our thanksgiving ceremony, as it was a celebration of both religious and social thanksgiving.

During the American Revolutionary War, the Continental Congress designated one or more Thanksgiving holidays each year, and recommended that leaders of various states observe these days in their states. The first National Declaration of Thanksgiving Day was given by the Continental Congress in 1777.

Sarah Joseph Hale should be given some praise for establishing the annual Thanksgiving Day. She was editor of Ladies magazine and Ladies' Book of Gods. He started such an advertisement in 1827 by printing articles in his magazines. He wrote dozens of letters to governors, senators and presidents. After 36 years of struggle, his battle was finally won. On October 3, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln declared November 26 as a national harvest festival, celebrated on the fourth Thursday of each year. He did this to calm the national mood of the Civil War.

In 1865, President Joh Andrew Johnson declared a day of thanks on December 7, 1865. Andrew Johnson was the first president to release government officials that day, giving him a public holiday.

Franklin D. Roosevelt assigned the third Thursday, 1939, and 1940 as a thank you for giving traders more opportunities out of desperation. However, this was met with tremendous resistance, mainly because the change required the re-organization of Thanksgiving events such as football matches and parades. In 1941, the fourth Thursday of November was officially established as a National Holiday Thanksgiving Day in a joint resolution of Congress. On December 26, 1941, President Roosevelt signed the bill, which made the date of thanks a matter of federal law.

History suggests that we have both Native American and European immigrants to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is truly a time when our family and friends come together to thank God and the nation for all of us. Many churches also open their doors for special worship.

On this Thanksgiving holiday, I hope everyone celebrates with prayer and patriotism and gratitude that was shown in 1623 by the original pilgrims and Indians.

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